Jad Jreijiri a.k.a Leadership Shrink

East Mediterranean Area

Jad has built his career as a Leadership Shrink of over 13 years through helping people from all walks of life discover a new mindset to take into their work life. For years, he coached people at the CxO level and shared his knowledge and insight with multinational companies, including DG Jones, Holcim Lafarge, Hydro Group, DEIF, Anghami, Skynews, Abella, Byblos Bank, BLC, BEMO, FEER McQUEEN, Université Saint Joseph USJ, and many small to medium business owners in Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, Germany, Belgium, China, Poland, and USA.

Taking the struggles in leadership the CxOs he had coached faced, Jad realized that the main pillar that everything in leadership stands on is self-leadership.

He started The LMI Experience with this conviction in mind, with his favorite saying constantly in mind, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

As founder and LMI Master Licensee, Jad’s expertise lies in Personal & Organizational Leadership development, Systemic Coaching, and Purpose.

With a background in both Finance and Psychology, Jad is able to help leaders link their attitude challenges with measurable ROI, allowing them to move forward in their leadership rolls successfully.

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His motto: #Attitude_Is_Everything


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LMI Facilitator



Crystel Hachem
Head of Business Development Unit

Lebanon, Jordan


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Head of License Support Unit

Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia


Jad Jreijiri a.k.a Leadership Shrink
LMI Master Licensee for the East-Mediterranean

Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Armenia