Grace Haddad

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Grace comes from a background in the training and development industry, where her experience with training pushed her to search for an approach that would give sustainable and measurable results in development. This is how she founded LMI and became one of its main pillars. She joined LMI in 2015 as Sales Associate, then moved to become a LMI Facilitator for the Productivity programs. In 2016, Grace became Head of the Licensee Support Unit, where she recruits, trains and supports “The LMI Experience” Licensees.

Her passion for people development sparked her interest in the individual growth process and journey that each person takes. To Grace, this journey often started with a why rather than a how, opening a course of discovery and ultimately leading to Inspiration. Loving the challenge of inspiring and engaging even the most skeptical person, she is now completing a four-year formation with “Tabyeen” in the “Multi-Referential Approach” of family and workplace development, which involves using Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Psychoanalysis, Systemic and other approaches.

Through LMI she discovered that persistence in following one’s dreams will create enough resilience and motivation that inspires one’s self and others. One of her favorite quotes illustrates this: “If You’re Going through Hell, Keep Going” as the cigar-chomping president once said (aka Winston Churchill). Valuing result-oriented entrepreneurs, Grace is eager to share the LMI process with them and how they can build a successful LMI business.

Her motto: #HappinessOfPursuit


Chantal Soueid
LMI Facilitator



Crystel Hachem
Head of Business Development Unit

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Grace Haddad
Head of License Support Unit

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Jad Jreijiri a.k.a Leadership Shrink
LMI Master Licensee for the East-Mediterranean

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