Crystel Hachem

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Crystel started her professional life early on in life, joining the corporate world at the age of 18 while she was still pursuing her education in Marketing and Advertising.

Driven by her own experience of waking up one day feeling stuck and unsatisfied and with the sense that she was wasting her potential, she decided to help other people unleash their potential and get in touch with their true selves, discovering their true wants, and learning how to realize their dreams.

This change in career came after 12 years in a safety net of a desk job with a steady income.

Crystel started from scratch, studying Life Coaching at the Life Coaching Academy in Australia, followed by a certification in Social and Emotional Intelligence from the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence in the United States of America. As she puts it, it was the best decision she ever took.

She started learning more about the startup world to see how she could help in that realm. 6 years of exploring and coaching in the realm of startups lead her to be a part of The LMI Experience as a Business Developer. With her passion for meeting new people and her ease of connecting with them, along with her endless sense of adventure, curiosity, a love for learning new things and travel, Crystel is a perfect pillar at The LMI Experience and an example of the amazing change you can make when you set your mind to it.

Her motto: #MakingThingsHappen


Chantal Soueid
LMI Facilitator



Crystel Hachem
Head of Business Development Unit

Lebanon, Jordan


Grace Haddad
Head of License Support Unit

Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia


Jad Jreijiri a.k.a Leadership Shrink
LMI Master Licensee for the East-Mediterranean

Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Armenia