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Chantal has a background in leadership development and project management, with on the ground involvement in local and international civil society organizations in Lebanon. As the current MENA Director for the U.S. Department of State funded Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) program implemented by World Learning in Lebanon and the United States, and as a Leadership Management® International (LMI®) Facilitator specialized in management and leadership, Chantal has succeeded in building a respectable network of connections with a wide range of contacts including the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon, the Lebanese University, and many local and international NGOs operating in Lebanon.

Her understanding of leadership development was also sharpened by her time managing the USAID funded D-RASATI 2’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), helping over 600 Lebanese school principals get official tenure in the government. Chantal has also worked with Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute Program Manager, where she helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their businesses. With an excitement for giving her all to help those ready to succeed and teaching them the right tools to reach their success, Chantal loves being a part of The LMI Experience and sharing her know-how with others.

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Chantal Soueid
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