By working with LMI, I was able to change my perception, balance my life, listen to people more, set my goals and try to develop what I have learned through sharing. LMI made me realize that a good leader is a person who is ready to share and learn at the same time.
– DG Jones and partners

LMI made me reconnect with myself. The team helped me overcome my past and take responsibility into my future decisions. With this experience, I was able to discover what I really want to do in my life without worrying about the outcome. I am now aware of my past, settled with my present and ready to understand my future.

With LMI, I was able to manage my time, socialize more, make good decisions and understand how important it is to coordinate my plans. The experience made me realize that I should make some time for my personal life and hobbies.

Through the work with LMI I was able to prioritize myself. I have now defined my dreams and started working on my career. LMI also helped me understand my values and connect with my team to create better leadership skills. With this in mind, I am now able to take actions and set goals that I am capable of achieving.

My experience with LMI was very satisfying, first of all because I met people I would have never met outside of LMI, people from all different walks of life and circles outside my own. LMI also helped me discover what my dream in life was. With this newly discovered dream, I was able to set concrete goals and steps so that this dream could become attainable

I truly enjoyed the sessions with the group. Hearing other people’s experiences put the reading material into perspective. The experience as a whole highlighted the processes we often do, sometimes passively, and reminded me to be more active and present while planning and organizing. It’s a valuable back-to-basics exercise.

Interesting business the courses provided are very useful and inspiring.
you need to contact the team and schedule a try out, I’m sure you will like the material that is being given.
the rating is given for the overall experience from the location to the team involved in the business to the courses. five over five.
keep up the good work LMI you are creating the change..

This program changed my life. Literally. Brilliant and smartly done with easy steps to follow to reprogram yourself and be in tune with your dreams and goals.

Change your life one step at a time.

Our clients