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Why become a franchisee?

Today, LMI operates in more than 63 countries with materials translated to more than 24 languages. We are represented by professional, certified Licensed owners.

There are many entrepreneurial business opportunities and thousands of franchises today from which to choose. LMI is truly a career of choice; special people have made the LMI franchise their business for 35 years.

LMI Legacy

“At that moment I knew the choice was mine, and everything depended on my attitude. The world’s abundance was mine to earn and possess,” said Paul J. Meyer, Leadership Management® International Founder. Paul has tenaciously held on to this bright outlook; he used his positive attitude and “out of the box thinking” in changing and serving the world of business through moving millions of people with his unfailing motivation to reach their full potential.

LMI International Reach

LMI® Inc. programs have crossed all cultures and have been translated to 30+ languages to impact people, businesses and communities in more than 80 countries.

LMI Proven Method
  • LMI® Inc. has a proven “Leadership Development Process” that is supported by statistically-validated, researched-based data. The LMI Experience is a level 4 organizational development company as per Kirkpatrick Model. One of the major indicators of impact on any LMI program is the Return on Investment.
  • LMI® Inc has the advantage of Distance Learning Formats
  • LMI® Inc has a full line of professional tools and assessments

At The LMI Experience, we provide the aforementioned services with face-to-face and hands-on support to make sure your journey as a Franchisee is rather smooth and satisfactory.

LMI Clientele

LMI® Inc and The LMI Experience Clientele An international and national clientele list with thousands of clients from a multitude of industries.

Click here for National Clientele List.

Click here for International Clientele List.

Why Own An LMI Franchise?

Low Startup Costs with High Profit Potential

The LMI Experience is a low-cost franchise opportunity—The average start-up cost to open a LMI business is lower than the average investment for businesses in the industry.

A Supportive Culture

At The LMI Experience, we are dedicated to the success of our franchisees network. From recruiting and retaining sales associates, to budgeting and building a strong pipeline, all the way to strategic growth, we collaborate with franchise partners through every stage of the business lifecycle. In addition to training and maintaining follow up, we hold collective team conferences and retreats to share and reinforce best practices and growth.

  • Quarterly National Meeting
  • Regional Conferences
  • World Conferences and Award Ceremonies
  • Research & Development
  • Incentive & Awards Programs
Award-Winning Industry Leader
  • LMI® Inc has been recognized for several years as top franchise in Entrepreneurship Franchise 500 in a Training Industry Category.
  • Number 1 in our category Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for Year 2020
  • Leadership Excellence Winner: Best Global/International Leadership Program
  • Leadership Excellence Winner: Innovation in Deployment of Leadership Programs
  • Startup Magazine’s Top 100 Franchises
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Top 200 Franchises Operating Throughout the World

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