We are The LMI Experience, the East-Mediterranean headquarters for Leadership Management International® Inc. – a passionate team which believes that leadership is the key for change. We are experts in growth and we facilitate your way to achieve your personal and organizational vision through measurable goals and results.

Our Values

We go

We take the initiative in all aspects to build healthy and aligned relationships with our team, licensees, partners, clients, and community.

– When conflict arises, we are the first to confront and seek solutions
– When new ideas/programs/approaches arise, we are the first to apply and test them
– When venturing to new markets and/or new countries we are the first to go along, test and support

This is what brings innovation to our organization, our teams, and our community.

We thrive to be the
product of the product

As The LMI Experience, we believe in and constantly thriving to apply our concept and products on our lives and business.

– Each team member goes through an LMI program at least every year – this is what builds our credibility
– Invest in ourselves – this is what defines us as genuine leaders
– No need for advertisement – we are walking ones

We believe in
shared fate

We believe in a collaborative community, sharing the highest and the lowest of our business journey.

– Sharing our future plans and goals with our team, licensees, partners and clients
– Sharing the downfalls and showing both emotional and financial support
– Sharing the achievements and celebrating the success
– Promoting the products and businesses of our clients everywhere we can
– Baring and supporting each other while going through personal challenges is our loyalty